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En esta lección de nuestro curso de Amazon volvemos a mostra un nuevo caso real basado en nuestra experiencia vendiendo en Amazon. A diferencia de los anteriores casos, en esta ocasión el producto escogido a priori no llegó a venderse posteriormente, por una serie de motivos que detallamos en la lección. Contrariamente a los que muchos puedan pensar, está situación no puede considerarse como un hecho aislado, ya que aunque en un primer análisis un producto pueda considerarse como provechoso, cuando entramos a valorarlo de nuevo, surgen una serie de dudas que pueden llegar a cuestionar nuestra decisión inicial. Amazon es un mercado dinámico, donde las cosas cambian muy rápidamente – por ejemplo por la entrada de nuevos competidores-, eso ocasiona que nos debamos estar replanteando nuestra decisiones constantemente, y no tener miedo de “echarno atrás”, si consideramos que el lanzamiento de un nuevo producto que a primera vista parecí satisfactorio, ahora mos presenta seria dudas sobre su viabilidad.

Más casos reales

Como fuente de inspiración os dejamos más casos reales basados en la experiencia de otros vendedores.

In this case study, you’ll see how one of our rock-star clients (Dr. Ben) launched his e-commerce business from scratch and grew it into the multi-million dollar business it is today. You’ll see how he started from the bottom (with some rice cakes) and quickly clawed his way to the top, build a business with over $1,000,000 in projected annual sales in his first year in business.  Ben started working with us about one year ago, and since then has never ceased to amaze the StartupBros team. I could go on all day about this guy, so I will just let you read his case study below

[Case Study] How I Turned $2,200 of Rice Cakes Into a $1-Million E-Commerce Business

I’m joined today by both Alan Peterson and Kurt Hansen, the buyer and seller of an Amazon FBA business that was sold on Flippa for $82,500 via Buy-it-Now.

This private label FBA personal care products business has 6 total products with a 4.7-star average review. The business generated $32,000 profit over the trailing twelve months and included the Amazon Seller Central Store, Amazon Vendor Central Store, and $25k of inventory at cost.

Kurt is among the first people to sell their Amazon FBA business since we launched our dedicated Amazon FBA section on Flippa, and was lucky enough to sit down with both him and Alan, the new owner.

Amazon FBA Buyer & Seller Case Study


I’m back with another case study update of the product I’m selling on Amazon (read my first update here) and I’m excited to share that in the last 68 days I’ve sold $12,987.81 worth of this one product.

The best part is that I’m even on target for a $10,000+ month in October which would represent several thousand dollars per month in profit from just one product.

Even better? I’ve never been to a post office to ship my product. Amazon handles that. Shipping. Refunds. Everything.

How I sold $12,987.81 on Amazon in 68 days with no pre-existing platform to leverage

Ok so first things first. I would have never thought that this product is so competitive. 

When I looked into it in November 2015 the competition seemed big but manageable and with a superior product I thought it wouldn’t be so difficult. 

Well I can tell you it was quite difficult to get the product on the map. Having said that I am quite happy with my initial launch results. 

I have now sold over 200 units and a sales turnover of nearly 7000$ within the first week of the launch

And the best thing, I am now number 7 on the best seller list and on page 1 for my main keyword. 

Case Study – How I went from zero to 7,000US$ in 10 days in one of the most competitive Amazon niches

$11,305.94 Case Study Of New Amazon Seller In 30 Days – FBA Show Ep.95

In this session, learn from Greg and Kym on how to create the perfect product photographs for your Amazon listing. This is a huge differentiator to stand out from your competition, get more clicks on your product, and increased conversion rates. This will be your first, and most important, impression to potential shoppers, so make sure you tune in!

Zero To $1 Million On Amazon In 12 Months


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