Como empezar una comunidad

Interesante discusión acerca de como empezar ua comunidad:

Destacamos algunos consejos

"Rule #1 is you should NOT do it if your main idea is to gain traffic. Cuz that just ain’t gonna happen if additional traffic is the main reason for doing it. Instead you need to have to have a real passion for whatever the subject matter of your forum is going to include.

#2 is that it’s going to take a huge amount of work and dedication on your part. Every single day, without fail. For years.

#3 is you need to have the ability to recruit other folks. Seriously. Not only to talk other folks interested in your subject matter to volunteer to help out as Mods, but to attract those who will become members and post to your forums."

Sin duda debemos ser conscientes del trabajo y dedicación que requiere.

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