La guía de Facebook paso a paso

Interesante guía (en inglés) para convertirte en un “gurú” de Facebook. Se trata de un ebook de Amazon (Kindle):



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A step by step practical guide to become a Facebook guru

“How to Facebook” is a practical guide to help you succeed on Facebook. Discover everything you need to know about this popular social network and how to use it to reach more exposure on the Internet. Find out all the hidden secrets that will help you with posting content and getting more likes on Facebook.

– Includes everything you need to know to become a Facebook expert
– 20 How to chapters, with 100% practical information
– Introduces the latest Facebook features
– Includes screenshots

Detailed Index

1. Introduction

2. Facebook Login Page
How to log in to your Facebook account?
How to log in from your mobile phone?
How to verify account on Facebook?

3. Facebook Home Page Settings
News Feed
How to control what you see on your News Feed?
Top stories and most recent stories
Filter by friend list
Post on your News Feed

4. How to Find Someone on Facebook

Email search
Name search
Friends of a friend
People you may know
Graph Search

5. How to Block People on Facebook

Blocking people on Facebook
Custom privacy
Blocking apps

6. How to Delete Facebook

Deactivating account
Deleting account
Memorializing Account
Reasons for deleting Facebook account

7. How to Create a Company Page on Facebook

First step – About
Second step – Profile Picture
Third step – Add to Favorites
Fourth step – Reach more people
Find Facebook page ID

8. How to Add Admin to a Facebook Page

Admin roles
How to change admin role?
How to add more admins?
How to remove admin from a page?

9. What to Post on Facebook?

Text posts
Link posts
Photo posts
Video posts
What to post on Facebook?

10. Best Time to Post on Facebook

How to choose best time for you to post on Facebook?

11. How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

1) Customize your page
2) Invite people
3) Interact
4) Provide useful content
5) Post regularly
6) Inspire
7) Post images
8) Choose the best time to post on Facebook
9) Organize promotions
10) Promote you page for free
11) Promote with ads
12) Connect

12. How to Create a Group on Facebook

Frequently asked questions

13. Facebook’s Insights

Pages Likes
Post Reach
Page Visits
All Posts
When Your Fans Are Online
Best Post Types
Your Fans
People Reached
People Engaged
Benefits of the new insights

14. How to Advertise on Facebook

First step – What do you want to advertise?
Second step – What would you like to do?
Third step – Create your audience
Fourth step – Campaign, Pricing and Schedule

15. Marketing on Facebook

What viral elements can I find in HiSocial for my Facebook page?
How can I manage the statistics

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