10 Best Shopify Blogs

You can easily start learning to use Shopify intuitively. However, reading and viewing the experiences of others using this e-commerce platform can be very useful for advancing and discovering how to get the most out of managing your own online store. With this in mind, we have looked for 10 e-commerce blogs that have approached different techniques and strategies, applications and tips to be able to take full advantage of Shopify as an online store platform, so that you can explore them and better understand the advantages of this aspect of e-commerce.



Shopify blog 1: Blog oficial de Shopify


There is no better place to start learning the features of Shopify than the official blogs of the Shopify platform itself. With tips as varied as how you can get the most out of temporary promotions, interesting examples of business of different dimensions, SEO recommendations and also varied suggestions to implement blogs, applications and technical details of all types on a site managed with Shopify. You can even find humorous posts that sometimes come in handy to the entrepreneurs who run an online store day by day.


Shopify blog 2: Wordtracker





This blog specialized in e-commerce and marketing for online sales sites has several very interesting articles for those who take their first steps in Shopify. One type of very interesting articles that is published on this blog are examples of stores that use Shopify and that take out as much as possible from the features offered by this platform. One plus is that the author does not only talk about the good points, but also constructively criticizes the use that the sites make of Shopify, giving with it a serious vision and that is of great help to those who want to launch a electronic commerce website.


Shopify blog 3: The Genie Lab


This blog is one that offers a very deep insights into the mobile version of online sales sites. In a world where web searches and online shopping are increasingly being done from mobile devices, it is interesting to know which additional applications are best suited to online stores that use Shopify, and how they can contribute to the exponential development of sales and the online presence of an e-commerce enterprise.


Shopify blog 4: Printful


Interestingly, this is not a blog about e-commerce and marketing, but about design. Even so, they have a very enriching point of view and talk about the features of Shopify and the apps that can help a novice user to get familiar with the platform and start from the beginning. Apps that allow you to manage mailing lists, to the ones that give you the ideal options to analyze metrics and see the behavior of buyers and visitors, can all be very useful.


Shopify blog 5: E-commerce RVW


In this marketing website for e-commerce websites, we can find very enriching articles for using Shopify. For example, regarding the platform’s own blog (the one we have listed in number 1 of this list) and how Shopify has become such a prolific community of virtual merchants also thanks to the creators of the platform who have created such a strong community. In this blog we find reviews and useful tips to integrate into the Shopify community.


Shopify blog 6: E-commerce Platforms


This site is a reference site in terms of e-commerce platforms, and not only do they write about Shopify, with a great variety of articles about this topic but they also deal with very different topics, for example general reviews about the operation of Shopify, applications, resources, strategies to improve the SEO of a site managed with Shopify, and the pros and cons of using this platform. It is very interesting to read how it has become the most popular platform of the last semester for new online stores. Special attention is given to the applications recommended by these experts to get the most out of the Shopify.


Shopify blog 7: Little Stream Software


In this software blog, we find an excellent alternative of reading to about both Shopify and blogging. The emphasis on how to manage a blog, essential for the positioning of an online store from the platform that Shopify proposes, and the comparison with other sites and traditional blogging plugins (especially WordPress), is very helpful, especially for a beginner starting out with Shopify.


Shopify blog 8: Make a Hubsite


Shopify would not be a simple and intuitive platform that it is if it were not because there are already a lot of themes and aesthetic dispositions easy to implement in an e-commerce site. In this blog the most popular and reactive themes that exist for Shopify are presented in details, with focused opinions and with elements that can help you choose the one that is ideal for your own online store.


Shopify blog 9: We make websites


In this incredible blog of web design, we find various articles with tips and tricks to use Shopify, among which there is for example a large compilation (almost 100) of sites that use almost all the tools that Shopify makes available to its users. It is not for copying, but to make what other sites do optimally in aesthetic and practical terms, is certainly an excellent start to understand the operation of this platform.


Shopify blog 10: Aeolidia


Let’s keep reviewing blogs that analyze examples that lead to an optimized and polished use of Shopify. In this case Aeolidia’s blog offers us listings with incredible and well-done examples of using Shopify as an e-commerce platform. Obviously copying an idea is not the point, but learning from the experts, touring sites and taking the best elements of each is a very good starting point.


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