You must have already heard these two acronyms and you probably know that they have something to do with the Internet, marketing or both. While similar in some aspects, these two terms are actually quite different, but yet, both very important when it comes to the online promotion and web positioning What is SEO? SEO…

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Keyword Traffic Estimator

Keywords are important part of SEM strategy, as they affect the way search engines rank websites in the organic search results, and they also determine the order of the ads displayed as a part of paid search engine advertising. Before you start using keywords in optimization and advertising, you need to create a list of…

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HTML Meta Keywords

Meta elements are HTML or XHTML elements that provide the metadata about the web page. The metadata can specify the page description, keywords, and other information that are not visible on the page you see in the browser. They do not influence the outline of the page visible to the users, but instead, the metadata…

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