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Best of the Web is a web directory that categorizes websites. The goal of the website is to create a valuable listing that could serve as a guidance. They want to ensure that the websites submitted in this directory are really worthy of being there.



It is considered to be one of the oldest search directory, being established in 1994. Even though the website started as one directory, it eventually evolved into several directories, including Web Directory, UK Directory, Blog Directory and Local Directory. All of these directories make a huge collection with millions of websites, divided into over 100,000 categories.

Besides free listing, there is a possibility to upgrade to a ProListing which offers additional features.



* All web sites submitted to BOTW Directory Submit must meet the following minimum criteria:

The site must be up and running 24/7;
The site must not already appear in the Directory;
The site must contain unique content, as determined by a BOTW editor;
The site must not contain any parts under construction;
The site is not a weblog or “blog.”
The site must clearly define its purpose, products, and/or services;
All links on the site must work;
The site must be in the English language (or have an English version available);
The site must support multiple browsers and capabilities;
The site must not contain sexually-explicit material;
The site must not contain any content, products, services or other information that may be illegal to sell under any applicable law, that may infringe or violate anyone’s rights, or that, BOTW believes, in its sole discretion, is offensive.


Create an account

Best of the Web offers several directories for submitting websites and blogs. You start by creating an account:

best_webAfter you provide your business name, you need to provide additional information about your account. Start by adding social networks.

best_web_001Create account by providing an email address and a password.

best_web_002The final step is to provide your contact information. Most of the fields are marked as mandatory.

best_web_003After you create an account, you will be able to submit websites in directories, by choosing the relevant category and subcategories.



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