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Regardless if you are a complete beginner and you are still learning about basic SEO terminology, or you are an experienced webmaster who wants to keep up with the latest news from the world of SEO and internet marketing, blogs are a great source of information. Following certain blogs is not only going to help you stay up-to-date, but it will allow you to connect with the people from SEO industry. Besides recommending the blogs to follow, we have also shared the answers of the blog owner about their plans for the next year. Improve your SEO strategy by following one or several of these blogs:

The Moz Blog


One of the most influential SEO blog you should follow is Moz blog. A company that provides marketing analytics software has created a great online marketing community with plenty of resources for SEO, ranking, content, social media, etc. which are updated on regular basis. Moz blog also provides several extensive guides on different topics. We would like to recommend The Beginners Guides to SEO, as it is one of the most professional and comprehensive guides you will find about this topic. It is particularly useful for those who are just starting to learn about SEO and how search engine optimization works.


Search Engine Land


Specialized in SEO and SEM, this blog is certainly worth following regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced webmaster. You will be able to learn about search engine marketing from scratch using helpful resources about SEO as well as SEM resources, and you will also be able to keep up with the latest updates by following new featured content on the blog. Since SEM is important part of online work, we would recommend reading the guide What Is SEM and Paid Search Marketing? as it will help you understand the concept of paid search and how you can take advantage of search engine marketing.


HubSpot Blog


Hubspot is a perfect place if you want to focus on marketing and sales. Additionally, there are articles about online business in general, blogging, social media, SEO, analytics, etc. Content is updated regularly and it features articles written by leading experts in this field. You will find a lot of useful content on Hubspot blog, but there is one resource that is definitely worth mentioning: An Exhaustive List of Google’s Ranking Factors [Infographic]. It illustrates a long list of factors, including domain factors, page-level factors, site-level factors, etc. These are all important aspects to consider if you want to learn about SEO.


Google Webmaster Central Blog


When it comes to Google guidelines and recommendations, the best idea is to look for those at Google’s own blog for webmasters. The blog features a lot of content about how Google works, and how to improve your website in order to rank higher. Articles are divided into several levels, so there are resources for beginners as well as for advanced webmasters. Since the usage of mobile devices for accessing the internet is tending to top the usage of desktop, one of the tasks in SEO is certainly optimization for mobile devices, which is why we share the article Recommendations for Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites.


SEO Book Blog


SEO Book is especially famous for their SEO tools that help you improve your SEO efforts in multiple ways. SEO Book blog covers great amount of topics related to SEO, such as link building, optimization, search engines, social interaction, tracking, keywords, content marketing and many more. The article Measuring SEO Performance After “Not Provided” shows different ways to evaluate the performance and efficiency of you SEO strategy.




This is a community of professionals writing about creating great online content, which is essential part of modern SEO. Besides content marketing and copywriting, the resources published on Copyblogger deal with email marketing, keyword research and internet marketing in general. The article we particularly found useful deals with suggestions on how to optimize online copy: The Ultimate Copy Checklist: 51 Questions to Optimize Every Element of Your Online Copy [Free Poster].


Quick Sprout


Quick Sprout blog features a lot of useful content about different topics, related to SEO. You can read articles about content marketing, SEO tips, online marketing, increasing traffic, etc. With lots of examples from Neil Patel’s experience, who is the author of the blog, this blog has become a valuable source of information for webmasters. In addition, there are guides on different topics, such as link building, SEO, content marketing, etc. The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist is an article that we would recommend, since it is a great resource to turn to, when trying to create content for your website.


Search Engine Roundtable


The idea behind Search Engine Roundtable is to present the latest news from the world of search engine marketing, by publishing articles about topics such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, SEO, SEO tools, etc. Therefore, if you want to keep up with the latest updates and changes related to SEO and any of the search engine algorithms, you should follow this blog. Here is one helpful article: Google: Your Content In Tabs & Click To Expand May Not Be Indexed Or Ranked.




Here is another blog dealing with SEO, as well as current trends related to content strategies, digital marketing, market research, social media, etc. There is one article that is very useful for webmasters and those working on improving SEO. The article A Step-by-Step Guide to Prioritizing Your SEO Efforts is very useful for creating a list of SEO tasks and prioritizing them so that you can create a well-organized SEO strategy.

1) What is the goal of your blog? 
Our goal is to provide actionable, relevant posts targeted to the content marketing audience. We empower our contributors to take deep dives into any and all topics that help brands and marketers improve the quality, effectiveness and amplification of their content. We mix it up with evergreen and trending topics to keep the audience engaged as well as informed and on top of breaking news within our industry. Our ultimate goal is to compel readers to contribute to the conversation, share their insights and come back for more.

2) What are your plans or news you are preparing for the next year?
As we speak I’m plotting our editorial calendar for next year with a heavy focus on emerging technology and tools that help digital marketers do their job more efficiently. We’ve just published a post on 2015 content marketing predictions and based on that, we’ll be publishing posts focused on content strategy, documentation, design and diversification.

Lisa Kasanicky, Content Curator at iAcquire


Social Media Examiner


Social media is essential part of online business, and it can impact search engine optimization. This is why we recommend Social Media Examiner blog, as one of the leading blogs dealing with social media and the influence of social media in marketing and online business in general. The article 18 Social Media SEO Resources to Improve Your Search Ranking in particular deals with social media and SEO.




Yoast offers several WordPress plugins to help you optimize your content, and their blog features the content related to this topic. You will find articles about WordPress, SEO, analytics, keywords, etc. The article we would like to recommend focuses on local SEO and why it is important: What is Local SEO? 

1) What is the goal of your blog?
We’re a company that focuses on optimizing every aspect of websites. This means we make them more usable, easier to navigate, more reliable, faster and more. If this is all done right, a website becomes easier to find too! The articles we write on our website, are aimed to help people with their website. For example we explain how our plugins work and we explain how you can write attractive articles.

2) What are your plans or news you are preparing for the next year?
We have a lot of plans for next year, but unfortunately I cannot tell them all just yet 😉 We’re working hard on a new eBook, scheduled for early next year and of course are working on our plugins!

Caroline Geven, Software Developer at Yoast


Kissmetrics Blog


Since analytics and tracking is important in online marketing, you should also keep up with the news in this sector, which is why you should follow KISSmetrics blog. Besides blog articles, there are plenty of infographics, that can be of assistance when creating content, or they can even be featured on your own blog. Here is one very useful article for using LinkedIn in B2B marketing: 7 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing.


Matt Cutts


Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s webspam team and on his blog you can find one of the most comprehensive collections of articles about Google and SEO. Being familiar with how Google works, Matt is able to help you a great deal in understanding how to improve your SEO. Besides articles, he provides help in videos where he answers the questions about SEO and Google. Follow his blog to learn about new updates and changes when it comes to the biggest search engine on the Internet. Here is an article about guest blogging and Matt’s recommendations on this topic: The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO.


Search Engine Journal


With professional and devoted staff, as well as with the help of SEO experts, Search Engine Journal has become a reliable and trustworthy source of information related to SEO. Using community-based approach, different topics are introduced in order to present the nature of SEO and best practices for improving ranking. The article we would like to recommend from this blog is the one about semantic search, which is an important topics for anyone willing to dive into the world of SEO: SEO 101: What is Semantic Search and Why Should I care?


Search Engine Guide


Search Engine Guide is a perfect place for small businesses to learn about search engine optimization and online marketing through very useful articles and resources. Some of the topics featured on this blog include blogging, analytics, social media, etc. One of the articles we would recommend is an article about blogging and how it can help with SEO: How a Little Blogging Can Make a Big Difference for the Small Business.


Quick Online Tips


Follow Quick Online Tips and stay up-to-date with the latest news about Google, WordPress, SEO, social media and blogging. You can also find interesting tips on computers and other gadgets. This is the perfect way to get practical tips that enable you to apply all of the information very easily. The article we would like to recommend deals with possible reasons for losing traffic: Why Your Google Search Traffic is Dropping (It’s not Panda).


Search Engine Watch


Here is another regularly updated blog with plenty of articles about SEO, PPC, analytics, social, mobile, content, etc. Besides practical information and tips on how to improve your SEO strategy, you will find a lot of articles about the news and events related to SEO industry. Article that is particularly useful is an SEO guide for 2015: A Guide to Multinational & Multilingual SEO for Global Expansion in 2015.




DailySEOblog features various different SEO tasks and how to optimize your work on search engine optimization, as well as on social media. Besides instructional articles and guides, this blog also features current SEO trends and technology news. The article we want to recommend is titled How to Become A Successful Online Marketer in An Era of Information Overload, dealing with different strategies to help you improve your online marketing.

1) What is the goal of your blog?
DailySEOblog aims at covering search related news from the search engine industry from a different perspective – a perspective of actual, on-the-ground, dealing-with-the-dirt search professionals, Search Engine Optimization experts, Social Media Experts, Inbound Marketing & Growth Hackers who help brands grow and scale.

2) What are your plans or news you are preparing for the next year?
Every SEO, Inbound marketing news, tactics, strategy related news pieces.

Mani Karthik, the founder of DailySEOblog



Marketing Land


SEO is part of modern marketing and modern business in general, which is why we recommend following Marketing Land blog. With daily news, current trends and practical instructions on how to succeed as an online marketer, this blog should certainly be on your list blogs to follow. The article we suggest reading presents some of the most important online marketing strategies: The 9 Step DIY Guide to Online Marketing for SMBs.


Content Marketing Institute


If you want to learn about content marketing and best practices to help you improve your content, you should follow Content Marketing Institute blog. Practical articles, how-to guides, and latest news related to content marketing will help you stay up-to-date, keep your strategy fresh and improve the results from content marketing. We recommend reading the Getting Started content marketing manual, as it introduces content marketing and how to approach this topic.





This blog focuses on internet marketing, an inseparable part of modern business, and it provides valuable resources on advertising, retail industry, different types of marketing, etc. Additional resources available at emarketer blog include webinars, content roundups and interviews, which can help you with providing additional data and insights related to online marketing. Here is an interesting article on Pinterest announcement that they plan on introducing “buyable pins”: Can Pinterest Conquer Social Commerce with ‘Buyable Pins’?


SEO Chicks


Founded in 2007 as all-female blog, SEO Chick presents articles on search and social media, posted by influential female bloggers who have established a great reputation for this blog. The content is divided into lots of SEO related category, but “how to lists” category is particularly useful with great tips on how to focus and successfully complete different SEO tasks. The following article explains how to do keyword research.


Compete blog


Data reports, supplied with information on consumer behavior and digital insights, which are main features of company’s products, are also the topic of Compete blog. Using the online data, the bloggers at Compete create useful reports and guides on branding, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc. The following article can help you with learning how to analyze the data by generating practical reports: Analysts: Here are 5 Ways to Tell a Story with Reporting.




If you are looking for an extensive source of information on SEO and online marketing, ClickZ is the place for you. With lots of useful, daily updated content, arranged in different topics, the website is great for marketers to explore the current trends and best practices in online marketing. Since mobile marketing is a very important, here is an interesting article on cross-device marketing in mobile driven world.




Although the topic of this blog is not mainly SEO, but rather a lot of different internet things, Sitepoint is regarded as an influential source of information for marketers, webmasters, as well as developers. Besides SEO and SEM, which are under “Business and marketing” category, you can additionally read about HTML, PHP, design, mobile, etc. Still, we want to share a great SEO guide on how to do content audit on your website.


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