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Learning about SEO is an on-going process. You can never really stop; instead you simply have to keep up with everything going on. As this can be time consuming, or you just do not have free time, it could be nice to do several things at once. Well, as you go to work in the morning, or as you go for a walk in the evening, grab you headphones and tune in to one of many SEO podcasts available online.

SEO podcasts are a great way for you to keep up and learn about SEO on the go. Instead of wasting any time while you are going to work, take advantage of SEO podcasts, and listen to the helpful interviews and audio presentations in order to improve your knowledge on SEO.

We have selected some of the best SEO podcasts:

The name says it all. This online radio station is a perfect place for all the webmasters to keep up with the current SEO news. While you can track the program online, you can also download SEO podcasts and listen to them on your mobile phone. The online schedule helps you find out the time of the shows if you want to track them online. Here are some useful SEO podcasts published on Webmaster Radio:


What Makes a Quality Site? SERP Experience and SEO Keyword Ranking Perspective

Learn how to analyze the site and whether it provides quality. Listen as the speakers analyze the interview between Eric Enge and Matt Cutts in terms of quality sites. The podcast continues with the analysis of SERP experience and SEO keywords and how these aspects can affect the ranking of your website in the search engines.

All About AdWords Quality Score with Fred Vallaeys

Listen to the analysis of Google AdWords Quality Score in this podcast. Learn how important the quality score is and how often it is updated in order to determine ways in which you can improve the score.

Duplicate Meta Descriptions; Merchant Quality Chatters Spurns Google Zebra Rumor

In this podcast Matt Cutts talks about duplicating meta descriptions and its negative effect on Google ranking. There is also a mention of Google Zebra update. You will also get the answers to some of the listeners’ questions related to SEO process and practices that guarantee best results.

How Mobile Powers New, Engaging Publishing Models; Study on Mobile: The Great Connector

The number of users using mobile phones in order to access the Internet is rapidly increasing. Therefore, this will have a great impact on SEO and ranking in the search engines. Listen to the discussion about mobile phones and their increasing role in the online marketing.

Social Media for Conversion with Jay Berkowitz

Landing page optimization expert, Tim, talks to Jay Berkowitz about social media optimization. Learn how social media campaigns can really pay off and result in the increase of conversions if conducted by following the best practices.

Submitting New Sites for Google to Crawl? Canonical Tag to Custom Post Types? How Many Links are Too Many?

If you have just launched your website and you are seeking ways to get your website indexed by the search engines, listen to this SEO podcast. You will learn everything you need to know about submitting new sites to Google, link building, canonical tag, etc. The speakers answer the listeners’ questions and provide helpful advice regarding SEO for new websites.

SEO podcasts by Ross Dunn and John Carcutt are available under the title SEO 101 on iTunes. Learn everything you need to know about search engine optimization from the beginning and keep up with the latest innovations in the world of SEO. Every episode deals with a certain topic that will provide helpful information to improve your SEO strategy and your business.

This podcast features Arnie Kuenn, the president of Vertical Measures, an expert in SEO and content marketing. They discuss about SEO practices for written, video and image based content, as content optimization is a very important element of SEO strategy. Some outdated practices and myths connected to SEO are also mentioned in order to be avoided in the future. Listen to this SEO podcast, as well as the other weekly podcasts published by Social Media Explorer on iTunes.

Since social media has great influence on search engine optimization, this podcast deals with the influence of social media on your content. Learn how to use StubmleUpon for marketing in the interview with Nick Robinson, the co-author of StumbleUpon for Dummies. StumbleUpon helps users discover your content and it brings exposure to your online content. See how you could use this website in order to expand your audience and improve your marketing strategy. In addition, this podcast includes the answer to “The Week’s Social Media Question” regarding managing multiple pages on social networking sites and whether the consolidation of several pages would be an effective solution.

Learning how to optimize your content is an essential part of content marketing strategy and it can greatly affect your SEO ranking. In this podcast you will find out how to improve this segment of your marketing strategy in order to achieve maximum effect, and therefore to drive more people to your website.

Rosh Sillars talks about Hummingbird update and how it affects the ranking on Google. Learn why and how using Webmaster Tools can help you explore the keywords and analyze the visits in order to get comprehensive data that could improve your SEO strategy.

Never give up (SEO)

The importance of setting up the goals and working patiently is crucial for search engine optimization. Improving ranking is a long-term process that requires a lot dedication and patience. Rosh talks about his experience in improving his position in search engines, about the influence of social media and other things that helped him improve the position of his website on Google. It is possible to download Rosh’s podcasts.

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