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Bing Places for Business is a free online service allowing you to claim your listing on Bing. In this way, you can improve the online image of your company, as you will be able to add photos and additional information about your company. You will also be able to add location, which will help people find you easily.



Bing uses the data from multiple sources in order to create an online business listing. Claiming your listing on Bing Places for Business allows you to customize your profile and business information. This can ultimately lead to creating a recognizable brand for your company, as well as to providing relevant and current information about your company.



* Bing Places for Business is available for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

* Listing data guidelines
Note the below best practices for listing information:

Business Name

– Provide the name by which your business is known locally.
– This is the official name of your listing and helps the users to search for your business.
– You should not use strings like “Closed”, “Location closed” etc in the business name.

Ensure that you provide the accurate address of your business. In case the address is not correct:

– You may have trouble in completing your verification process through postal verification.
– Your business address may not be displayed correctly on Bing.
– Follow the below guidelines for your business address:
– This should be same as where customers can come and interact.
– This should be same as the one used in business communications. Do not include information like cross-streets or nearby landmarks
– Provide a postal address of your business.
– Enter the complete and exact street address for your location.
– Provide accurate details for City, State and Zip code.
– Do not use inappropriate text in the address fields.



1. Setup

Visit the website in order to sign up for Bing Places for Business. Use “Get Started” button to begin the process.

bing_for_business_001The next step is to choose the country and try to find your business. You will provide the location and the name of the business. Once the business is found, you can edit the information.

bing_for_business_002If you cannot find your business, use “Create New Business” button to create a new business. You will be asked to log in with your Microsoft account.

bing_for_business_004You will then provide additional information about your business, including:

– Name of the business

– Address and phone number

– Business category

– Hours of operation

2. Verify your business

As you fill in the information, you will be able to see a mock up in the right part of the screen. Once you create a new business, you should verify it. You will receive a PIN number to the business address you have provided. After you get the PIN, you will go back to the Bing Places for Business website, add the PIN in the corresponding field and your account will be verified.

The information about the business can be updated from your account later on.

In case Bing already has the information about your business in its listing, when you try to verify the business, you will be offered an option to verify by phone, if the phone number is already associated with the business in the Bing listing.


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