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YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload and share videos. Owned by Google, the website allows quick registration using an existing Google account. Unregistered users can only watch videos, while registration allows users to upload their own videos, like videos and leave comments.



YouTube is a website for sharing videos. This website is one of the most popular websites for sharing content, as it enabled sharing of video content, music videos, creating tutorials and educational videos.

YouTube has popularized creation of home-made videos which has become a true motivation for young people, enabling them to reach a large number of users. In the same sense, small and large companies can also use this social network to get in touch with their audience.

Interaction on this website is done through posting comments on videos, liking and unliking videos and following users and their channels.



* You sign into YouTube with your Google Account. When you sign in on YouTube, you enter your Google Account email and password. After signing up for YouTube, if you’re already signed into your Google Account on a different Google service, you’ll be automatically signed in when you visit YouTube as well.

* Here are some common-sense rules that will help you steer clear of trouble:

– YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content.
– Don’t post videos showing bad stuff like animal abuse, drug abuse, or bomb making.
– Graphic or gratuitous violence is not allowed.
– YouTube is not a shock site. Don’t post gross-out videos of accidents, dead bodies and similar things.
– Respect copyright. Only upload videos that you made or that you are authorized to use. This means don’t upload videos you didn’t make, or use content in your videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users, without necessary authorizations. Read our Copyright Tips for more information.
– We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).
– There is zero tolerance for predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other members’ personal information. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube.
– Everyone hates spam. Do not create misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in order to increase views. It’s not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.




In order to create YouTube account, you will need to use your existing Google account. Go to and click on option “My Channels” from the menu on the left.

youtube_instructions_002If you do not have YouTube account, you will see a new window with two options.

You can either choose to create YouTube account with the existing Google account. In case you want to use a specific business name for the account, use the second option.

youtube_instructionsIf you choose the second option, you will be redirected to the following screen where you will provide the name and select the category. Have in mind that a Google+ page will be created together with the YouTube account.


Customize the account

Use “Creator Studio” to customize the account. You will get tips on how to improve the look of your account. In addition, you will be able to access some additional options from this dashboard.


Verify the account

The next step is to verify your account. Before verification, there will be some limitations, including the possibility to upload videos up to 15 minutes long. If you want to get full access to the account, go to in order to start the verification process.

youtube_instructions_004You will have to provide the phone number in order to get verification code.

Upload files

Make sure you are logged into your YouTube account and use “Upload” button in the upper right corner.

youtube_instructions_003Select the files from your computer you want to upload and choose the privacy settings for the video. When the video is uploaded, you will be able to set some features including:

– Title

– Description

– Tags

– Category

All of these options help you optimize your video and increase the chances of users finding your video.


Additional Resources

YouTube Community Guidelines:

YouTube Terms of Use:


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