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Email marketing is a very broad discipline that encompasses many aspects necessary for successful integration into our online marketing strategy. Our objective here is much more modest. We will see how we can use email marketing to increase the distribution of the content on our blog and indirectly get links.



The law on the collection of the personal data is very strict, so it is advisable to consult an expert on this subject to guide you on how you should act when collecting this type of data from the users on your website (the email is considered a personal data). Having in mind what have been said above, here are a few tips that should be included in the privacy policy of your website.

Any professional website has to define the privacy policy valid on that website. Moreover, according to different legislation (e.g. Law on Protection of Personal Data) this point may be mandatory. Without going into the legal aspects and expanding this topic too much, there are some of the basics things that should be defined in the privacy policy:

– Why do you collect personal data

– What the data will be used for

– Are you going to share the information with third party websites

– The legal rights granted to people who have given you their data (e.g. opposition, cancellation and correction)

– Whether you use cookies on the website and for what purposes

– The policy related to minors, encouraging children to seek the advice of their parents or guardians before providing any personal information.

In addition, you should take into account if there is a legal obligation to report the personal databases you have collected to the relevant public body.

Our recommendation at this point is to seek legal advice from legal professionals, as it is a vital aspect.



– It is very important to respect the legal framework within which you work, so we must be very careful when sending emails. For example, EU law prohibits sending of unsolicited emails. An expert, in the law applied in the country where the recipients of the emails live, will give you specific guidelines to keep in mind.

– In addition to the legal criteria, you must act with common sense, as overwhelming your subscribers with mass mailings will have counterproductive results.

– It is clear that in order to distribute posts successfully through email marketing, we have to have a list of subscribers for the newsletter first. It is outside the scope of this article to give detailed advice on how to expand the subscriber list. Offering something free in exchange for an email is a technique frequently used and it gives good results.

– There are many platforms for sending newsletters. We will illustrate the steps in this task with GetResponse, an online service that we use.



The first step of course is to create an account on the website of the service you have chosen, in our case GetResponse.

marketing-de-contenidos2-553x300Having done this, you can now create your first campaign. These are the most important things you should consider:

–  How to add subscribers to the mailing list (typically via our website, unless we have previously listed subscribers we wish to incorporate into our campaign).

– The email you use when sending the emails should be a valid email address, because in that case you can receive answers from the subscribers.

– Another important aspect is whether we use a “double optin” system. Our advice is you use it, as this means that when someone joins your list, they must first verify their email address. This is why GetResponse sends an email to the subscriber, which will contain a link that must be clicked to confirm the subscription.

optin-emailIf you choose to use double optin, you should set up two pages within your website:

1) The so-called “thank you” page, which is the page the user will see once they have filled out the appropriate form.

thankyou2) The second page is the confirmation page (some providers offer the possibility of hosting this page, unless we create it), which is to be displayed when the user has clicked on the confirmation link that was sent.

email-verificadoOnce the campaign is set up, you should provide an easy way for the users to subscribe to your mailing list form on your website. Most suppliers offer an online wizard to create the form. Our main advice in this regard, is to limit the number of information fields that you ask subscribers to fill in (typically name and email address). Numerous studies have shown that the greater number of fields requested lowers the number of subscribers.

formularioThe last step is to connect the “feed” of your blog to the email marketing provider you use. In this way, every time you publish a new post on your blog, it will automatically be sent to the subscribers on your list.

rss-emailThe ultimate goal is to automate the dissemination of our content among the subscribers, increase the visibility and naturally obtain quality links, but we must consider that our posts should be really interesting, since nobody will want to link to mediocre or low quality content.


Additional Resources

Logically each email marketing provider has its own help page. Since in this case we use GetResponse, here is the help page:


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