Google Page Speed Test

Google Page Speed Test is a free online tool offered by Google that shows us:

– Website score (from 0 to 100) in terms of load time and user experience, both on computers and mobile devices.

– The main problems that are identified.

– Solutions to solve the above problems.



– Google Page Speed Test is only a tool that indicates the major problems of our website, and give us pointers on how to fix them. This means that we are the ones (or our webmaster) to take actions to solve the problems.

– In later sections of this area, we will see tasks and tools that can help us in this endeavor. Some of the tips that will be presented require a certain technical level, so if you are not able to complete some actions, you should go to a specialist consultant or webmaster.
– Our goal is not to get a score of 100, as this may entail negative aspects (excessive time spent on this task, oversimplification of the functionality of our web …). A score above 80 is more than reasonable.



Let’s illustrate the instructions for using this tool with an example.

– The first step, of course, is to visit the URL of this tool and make the corresponding analysis.

– We suggest you not only to analyze your web’s homepage but also some inner page. For example:



– Then we:

Record the values ​​obtained to determine our baseline and track progress after taking corrective measures.

List the problems identified, sorted in order of importance. For example, in our case:


It is also wise to note the details of each of the problems to be solved. For example:

Compressing and resizing…ploads/2013/11/website_traffic_006_1.png Could save 240.7KiB (84% reduction).

Compressing and resizing…ntent/uploads/2013/10/raven_seotools.png Could save 159KiB (96% reduction).

Compressing and resizing…ent/uploads/2013/11/ppc_management_1.png Could save 153.4KiB (88% reduction).

Compressing and resizing…ads/2013/11/web_analysis_tools_002_1.png Could save 126.3KiB (87% reduction).

With all this information we  exactly know what our starting point is, as well as the problems we must solve. This will be done through the tasks set out in this area, or by giving the report we have made ​​with all the above data, to a technician.


Additional Resources

– Google offers extensions for Firefox and Chrome that show the data from this tool displayed (but the online version is more current). You can download these extensions at the following address:

– If you want detailed instructions on the problems identified by this tool, we recommend the following instructions, also offered by Google:

For frequently asked questions (FAQ), consult the following page:

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