Instructions for Social Media Setup

Social Media Setup area is created to help you establish your presence on social networks. Since social networks have an important role in people’s lives, it is essential that you create accounts on social networks (at least on the most popular ones) in order to connect with the users. The main benefits of social media setup include:

– Connect with the users and potential customers

– Present your company using different customization options

– Improve the image of your company

– Increase traffic

– Optimize your website for search engines

The social networks we suggest here are general, but they are different in the type of content they promote and the kind of interaction they allow. Additionally, the target audience might be different.

You should choose the most important and the most helpful social networks from this social media setup area, in order to establish presence there. Being active on all social networks might be time consuming, without any real benefits. Instead, you should focus your effort on several social media, establish your identity there and try to develop a connection with other users.



The main requirement for each of social network will be to create an account and to login. Some networks allow you to create an account where you can present your company (such as Twitter, Instagram), but for some networks you will need a personal account, in order to create an account for your business, which is usually called a page or a venue (Facebook, Google+, Foursquare).

After creating each of these accounts, we advise you to customize the account, using the options that are available. Usually, you can add a photo (profile/cover/header), add a description or a bio, add a website, etc. We suggest taking advantage of these options as these will help you:

– Create a representative profile (page) of your company
– Improve branding opportunities
– Encourage users to follow you on different social networks

Joining a social networks require you to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. We strongly advise following the guidelines for using a certain social network in order to avoid your account being suspended.



For each of these social networks, we have created instructions, divided into different segments:

Title: The name of the social network

URL: The address of the social network

Description: A brief explanation of the social network

Theory: Some general background information about the social network in question.

Guidelines: The rules you must follow in order to use a certain social network. We always recommend respecting these guidelines.

Instructions: Step by step guide on how to create an account on social networks, as well as the instructions on how to upload content.

Languages​​: Languages ​​that are supported on the social network.

Sector: The sector in which a certain social network can be applied. Since social networks we suggest are general, and not specialized for one sector, they are suitable for any business.

Additional Resources: In some cases we will mention other resources, if you want more information on the social network in question.

Setup Time: The first time you want to use a certain social network you will need to create a new account. The setup time includes:

– Time for providing information necessary to create an account

– Time necessary to customize the account

Regular time: This includes the following items:

– Approximate time necessary to read the instructions and guidelines that we have prepared

– The time necessary to be active on these social networks per week (posting regularly, interacting with fans / followers, etc.)


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