Instructions for Using the Essential Tools

The purpose of this area is to suggest the essential tools that will help you with website optimization and evaluation of the website’s performance. All of the tools we suggest here have a free version. The main benefits of using the essential tools include:

– Improve ranking of your website

Explore the statistics related to your website

– Optimize your website for search engines

– Improve the user experience



The main requirement for each of these tools will be to create an account and log in, in order to access the tool and its features. We recommend using valid information when creating an account.

In some cases you will have to verify the ownership of the website. You will get clear instructions on how to confirm that you are the owner of the website. This requirement is necessary in order to prevent anyone from accessing sensible information about your website.

Occasionally, certain tools will impose some limitations, when it comes to using the free version of the tool. Essential features of each of these tools are indeed free, so you will most definitely find them useful.



Title: The title of the essential tool

URL: The URL where you can find that tool

Description: A brief explanation of the nature of the tools

Guidelines: The requirements and rules you must follow in order to use a certain tool. We always recommend respecting these guidelines.

Instructions: Step by step guide on how to create an account and how to use a particular tool.

Languages​​: Languages ​​that are supported by the tool. All of the tools support websites in any language, but the tool itself might be available in English or in multiple languages.

Sector: Since we suggest essential tools in this area, these tools can be applied for all sorts of websites regardless of the sector.

Additional Resources: In some cases we will mention other websites, if you want more information on the tool in question. We will also suggest useful links about the tool, such as help center, FAQs, terms of use, etc.

Setup Time: The first time you want to use a certain tool you will need to create a new account. Logically this entails more time than later, when you use the same tool (after you have already created the account).

Regular time: This includes the following:

– Approximate time necessary to read the instructions and guidelines that we have prepared for you in each of the pages describing the tool in question

– The time necessary to go through the data provided by the tool in order to evaluate your progress, measure the goals and explore ways to improve your SEO strategy


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