Keyword Density

The keyword density is the ratio of occurrences of a keyword compared to the total words in the  text or web page. For example, in a text containing 100 words if a word appears 5 times, the density is 5%.



The objective is to measure the keyword density for which our site should appear in the search engines. These should have a higher density than the other possible words.

It is recommended to be in the range between 3-5% keyword density.



To analyze this aspect, we recommend using the Google Webmaster Tool.

If the result is of the ratio when it comes to keyword density on the homepage is less optimal, which is important for the optimization of the web, we add text and to meet the search criteria that are relevant to us. Therefore, we will perform the following actions:

– Insert keywords in a consistent manner, and pay attention that those are relevant to the services or products being offered on each internal page.

– It is recommended that you add some links or keywords links (links pointing towards inner pages of the web, always related to that word), as this way the search engine will give more strength and relevance to that keyword.

– Trying to name some sections to match one of the keywords.

– Add new sections focusing each of them on a single keyword. These sections may contain content that is of interest to the user.



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