Local Directories – Introduction

Local Directories area is created to help you get your website enlisted in some of the largest directories on the internet. Adding your website in a certain directory can help you:

– Get links to your website

– Allow people to find your business

– Promote your business

We will suggest some of the most important and most helpful directories, but have in mind that there are other directories as well. The directories we suggest here offer you the possibility to add a website for free, while there are directories that might require payment first.



Regardless of the directory you choose, we always strongly advise to follow the guidelines and the terms of use. Otherwise, you are at risk of your website not being accepted.



For each of these resources the following fields are specified:

Title: The name of the local directory

URL: The address of the local directory

Description: A brief explanation of the local directory

Guidelines: The rules you must follow in order to use a certain local directory. We always recommend respecting these guidelines.

Instructions: Step by step guide on how to submit a website to a local directory.

Languages​​: Languages ​​supported by the local directory.

Sector: The sector in which a certain local directory can be applied.

Additional Resources: In some cases we will mention other websites, if you want more information on the local directory in question.

Setup Time: The setup time includes:

– time for you to go through the instructions

– time necessary to add a website


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