Management of Advertising Campaigns on Amazon

We help you get traffic potentially interested in your products on Amazon.

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We manage your advertising campaigns on Amazon

We are experts in the management of advertising campaigns, and we know how Amazon works. We look for ways to increase the profitability of your campaigns.

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What does it consist of?

  • Advertising campaigns on Amazon

    Creation, management, and control of PPC campaigns on Amazon. Extensive experience with Amazon Europe and the USA.

  • Keyword analysis

    We will analyze the keywords related to your products, which are used by consumers when looking for a similar product and those that may be used by the competitors.

  • Control, maintenance, and optimization

    We will control the campaigns in order to achieve the highest number of conversions and make the ACoS profitable. We will continuously evaluate the results that the keywords are getting to make the appropriate keyword bid adjustments.

  • Profitability for your products on Amazon

    Service based on maximum profitability, giving priority to the increase in your sales. Radically increase the results of your ads on Amazon.

  • Monthly reports

    Realization of a monthly report in which we provide details about the evolution of advertising campaigns on Amazon.

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