Marketing Automation. Introduction

The SEO and online marketing in general require significant effort that must be done mostly manually. Nevertheless, marketing automation is an interesting addition in our arsenal of tactics and strategies. In this area we will see  a number of tips on how to increase effectiveness of automation and scope of our online marketing strategy.



As online marketing automation we include all of those promotional activities after an initial (manual) configuration developing recurrently without having to execute them personally. The marketing automation is based on the usage of software tools that automate repetitive processes.

Within the field of SEO, automated marketing allows us to disseminate the content of our website, which will contribute to increased natural quality links to our pages.



– Online marketing automation is not a substitute for online marketing. We understand it simply as a supplement that will help us in certain repetitive tasks.

– The use of marketing automation can lead to abuse, so we must use common sense and the specific rules of the environment in which we apply it in order to use it wisely, or otherwise it will have counterproductive results.

– Marketing automation integrates various techniques, but we will focus on those that are most relevant in our SEO strategy.

In the tasks that comprise this area called automated marketing, we will specifically analyze areas susceptible to being partially automated. As mentioned above, this type of technique is based on the usage of software tools. In each of these tasks, we will advise a certain tool that we have personally tested and the one that has given us good results. The fact remains that there are alternative tools that offer similar features and functionalities.



In each of the tasks that we propose, the following fields are specified:

Title: The name of the task that is the subject of explanation.

URL: The address where we can find the resource used.

Description: A brief explanation of the nature of the task.

Theory: In this field we provide theoretical aspects of the subject we are dealing with. This way you will know the basics of the instructions and guidelines we propose.

Guidelines: Rules and considerations that must be taken into account when performing each task.

Instructions: Step by step, detailed instructions on how to perform a given task. These instructions are based on the tool you use . Logically, these instructions will vary if you use another tool.

Additional resources: In some cases, we mention other websites, if you want more information about the resource.

Setup time: This includes the following:

– Time to read the instructions and guidelines we have prepared for you in each of the pages describing the resource.

– Time to conduct the proposed task. This is an indicative figure, as it can vary depending on your specific needs and the level of automation you want to achieve.


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