On-site SEO. Introduction

When it comes to good organic positioning we must remember that we are working in two different areas:

Internal (on page): It refers to internal pages of a website, i.e. improving optimization of the website, as having a good structure with effective keywords is essential for web positioning. When a search engine, such as Google, crawls our website, it indexes both the content and the HTML structure of the web page.

External (off page): Everything that is done externally, instead on the website itself, such as a link building strategy, with links pointing to our site from other websites, distributing articles and press releases on other sites, etc.


In this section we will discuss internal factors, i.e. on-site SEO. Therefore, we will address the following points:

Domains and duplicate content

Friendly URLs

Title and metatags

Optimized headings

ALT codes


Keyword density


404 error page

XML sitemap

HTML code

Broken links

Other aspects



In each of the tasks that we propose the following fields are specified:

Title: The name of the task that is the subject of explanation.

URL: The address where we can find the resource used.

Theory: In this field we provide theoretical aspects of the subject we are dealing with. This way you will know the basics of the instructions and guidelines that we propose.

Description: A brief explanation of the nature of the task.

Guidelines: Rules and considerations that must be taken into account when performing each task.

Instructions: Step by step, detailed instructions on how to perform a given task.

Additional Resources: In some cases, we will mention other websites, if you want more information on the resource in question.

Setup time: This includes the following:

– Time to read the instructions for the task.
– Time necessary to conduct the suggested task.


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