Optimized Headings

When search engines analyze our pages, besides analyzing the content in terms of quality, uniqueness and relevance; they do not see all the text in the same way. They are able to discern what more relevant elements are through the HTML formatting tags.

This means that if we want a part of the text to be considered as most important, we label it as such in the source code. The two types of label that will help us make this happen are headings with their codes <h1 />, <h2 />, <h3 /> <h4 /> <h5 />, <h6 /> and bold (<strong /> and / or <b />).



The headings indicate to search engines which parts of the text are more relevant.



It is important to include criteria or keyword in the text to be able to position, without the text losing its meaning.

Therefore, if you want to show that a text is more important we can place it as a title (<h1>, <h2> in the source code) or highlight it with bold.



<p> And in the middle of this example, the most important word is the one we highlight in <b> bold </ b>, so the word in bold should be a <b> keyword </ b>. </ p>



How to insert or modify headers?

We should note that almost all WYSIWYG editors allow you to create these labels, but if one does not allow it, we would have to insert it directly into the HTML code of the page.

To do this, use the following tags:

<h1> Page title </h1>

<h2> Subtitles page </h2>

<h3> Sub subtitles page </h3>

etc, etc …

We also use bold and italics:

<b> bold text </b>

<i> italic </i>

How to insert or modify headers with WordPress?

When it comes to websites managed through WordPress platform, the <h1> is usually the title of the post or page.

In order to modify and customize the post title in each of the pages that make up your website through WordPress manager, you must first access to “Posts” section and select a post. On the other hand, if you want to modify a page, you must access the “Pages” section.

Once you are in edit mode of the “post” or “page”, you can now edit the title:

19-08-2014-17-45-09Finally click on “Update” to save the changes.


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