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Sitemap Generator is an online tool, with both free and paid version available. Having a sitemap is an important part of search engine optimization as the sitemap will enable search engines to easily crawl your website. This sitemap generator allows you to create a sitemap in several different formats, including XML format, recommended for submitting the sitemap in large search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.



According to Wikipedia, “A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users”. Basically, a sitemap shows all of the pages of a website in an organized list. It can be in several formats, but the two most commonly used are XML sitemap and HTML sitemap.

XML sitemap is mainly used for search engines in the process of search engine optimization. The users are not able to see this structured format. This type of map is updated as the content on the website is updated.

HTML sitemap are designed for users in order to show them the structure of a website. This does not necessarily include all of the subpages. This sitemap can also be crawled by search engines bots.

Both of these maps provide an overview of a website’s content, which is why they are important part of a website.



* Maximum 500 pages will be indexed in the free version of sitemap generator.



1. Setup

Visit the website: in order to get access to a free online version of Sitemap Generator.

The first thing you should do is to fill in the form. You need to provide:

– The URL of the website

– Choose frequency (This will depend on how often the content on your website is likely to change. You can choose hourly, daily, weekly, etc.)

– Choose the last time the URL has been modified

– Choose priority of the particular page related to the website in general

– Click on “Start” button

sitemap_generator_001Once you press the “Start” button you will have to wait for a while until your website is crawled. As soon as your sitemap is ready, you will see several links to download your sitemap. You need to download the file sitemap.xml if you want to submit it to Google Webmaster Tools, but there are other formats available.

sitemap_generator_002aBeside the sitemap file, you can also see general information about the sitemap, including broken links.


2. Adding Sitemap

Now that you have saved the sitemap in your computer, you should upload it into the domain root folder of your website.

Final step is to go to your Google Webmaster Account and add the link of your sitemap. The link should be: http://yourwebsitename/sitemap.xml



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