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We can all agree that SEO is absolutely necessary if you want to improve your business by getting greater exposure on the Internet. You need to be ranked at the top of the search results in order to maximize the chances of your site attracting potential clients.

There are lots of different techniques and tools you could use for conducting search engine optimization. However, if you run a small business and you do not have a large amount of assets to assign to the SEO purposes, you need a cost-effective solution. You need tools that are free or cheap, as well as easy to use, so you can use them without hiring additional help.

Thus, we will share the list of useful SEO tools especially suitable for small businesses.

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

In order to get the review of your website and make necessary changes to improve its performance and position in the search engines, use this SEO toolkit. It provides you with detailed analysis which will help you discover any problems with your website content. You will also get a list of suggestions that will help you optimizes your website in order to keep up with the latest updates in the search engines algorithm.


Keyword Planner

This is one of the most essential tools for optimizing your content in terms of keywords. Keyword Planner is a free tool that enables you to conduct a research on keywords related to your website, the volume of traffic and estimates that are necessary part of search engine optimization.


Snippet Optimizer

Use this tool to get preview of the website’s Google snippet. This preview is how the users will see your website when it is displayed in the search engines results. If necessary, you should make changes in order to optimize the outline of the snippet.


Feed The Bot Tools

This website allows you to access some of the most important SEO tools for free. The tools analyze your content and show you the evaluation, which can help you understand which aspects you should work on in order to enhance the performance of the website. The tools available on this website are:

  • Webpage spider
  • Google guidelines tool
  • Image SEO tool
  • Link report / nofollow test
  • Social media count
  • http headers
  • Requests checker
  • CSS delivery tool
  • gzip compression test


Going Up!

If you want to examine your website and see how you can improve it, you can use several free SEO tools available at GoingUp website. You do need to create an account to get access to these tools, but creating account is free, so all you need is a valid email address and couple of minutes to fill out the form. You can find the following tools:

  • WebStats Live – Basic stats for your website.
  • Site Analyzer – Check site structure, popularity and other metrics.
  • Page Rank Badges – Check Google Page Rank.
  • Tagbug – Social bookmarking.
  • SEO Optimizer – Scan the pages and optimize the content for the major search engines.
  • Web Thumbs – Generates thumbnails.
  • Bulk Domain Analyzer – Check the availability of domains, ranking, etc.
  • Tag Cloud – See the popular keywords on your website.
  • Link & Site Diagnosis – Analyze the backlinks, indexing, page age, etc.
  • MappyMap Visitor Map – Interactive map for visitors to visualize the traffic.


SEO Book

SEO Book provides a great collection of free web-based SEO tools that can help you in multiple segments of SEO process, starting from keyword research, to page comparison tool. This is the list of SEO tools you can use:

  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Keyword List Generator
  • Keyword List Cleaner
  • Robots.txt Tools
  • Meta Tag Generator
  • Server Header Checker
  • Link Suggestion Tool
  • Spider Test Tool
  • Keyword Density Analyzer
  • Page Comparison Tool
  • Ad Group Generator
  • Keyword Wrapper
  • Typo Generator


Open Site Explorer

In order to research the links on the Internet you can use a tool developed by Moz. Open Site Explorer is a SEO tool that enables you to discover who is linking to your website. Since search engines’ results are highly influenced by the links that point to a website, it is crucial that you conduct an analysis of the links to your website. In addition, you can update the links in order to make sure that no link points to an error page, as this has a negative impact on your website position.

Google Trends

This tool helps you explore the popular searches based on a specific country. Furthermore, you can use different criteria in order to narrow down the search based on the industry. Depending on your business, this can be helpful when determining the popularity of the topics you are interested in. The possibility to subscribe to a certain topics allows you to get the information about a certain topic to your email in the time interval you have set.



Although this tool is not primarily SEO tool, it can be very useful in your SEO efforts. HootSuite is a social media management tool, that allows managing of several social media accounts simultaneously, tracking analytics, scheduling posts, etc. Since social media activity has a lot of influence on increasing exposure of your brand, obtaining traffic, as well as on search engine results, you should use HootSuite in order to help you be consistent with your social media presence. Ultimately, this will improve the SEO as well.

Social Crawlytic

Social Crawlytic is a free tool that helps you scan the URL of your competitors in order to find out which content is being shared the most. Once you sign up, you will get access to a dashboard that will allow you monitoring, scheduling and analyzing social sharing.


It is well-known that content is necessary part of SEO. Websites and blogs need quality content in order to engage visitors, before they become clients. is a tool that allows you to create infographics which can be a very interesting type of content, that can be shared on your website, as well as on your social media accounts.

Here is another tool for creating engaging graphics for your website or blog. The basic features are free, while you can upgrade to a paid version in order to get access to additional features that allows advanced customization of the infographics.


Remove’em is a professional backlink removal tool, which is used to identify the anchor text diversity and to shows the areas where you might be at risk of over optimization due to high density of the anchor text. Since over optimization has a negative effect on SEO, this tool can help you explore the anchor text in the links that point to your website. Determining anchor text ratio is a good preparation for setting up backlink strategy.



Whitespark is an excellent tool for exploring the SEO opportunities for your business on local level. If you are a local business, you can use this tool to conduct a citation analysis. The tool includes organizing search results into projects, comparing searches, monitoring etc. Although this is a paid tool, there is a free trial, which can help you decide whether this tool could help you with your business.


Pingdom Tools

Pingdom is tool that helps you examine the website load time, its performance, as well as other details such as HTML, CSS files, etc. Having in mind that all of these components affect SEO, Pingdom can help you with optimizing your website. Start by examining the pages. You can save the evaluation in order to compare the results after you have improved your website based on the evaluation. This tool also offers a possibility to send you a notification in case your website is down.


Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an SEO spider tool that crawls your website in order to get information about links, images, CSS and other website elements. The data are presented in a report that helps you detect potential SEO errors which might be having negative influence on your website’s performance. This tool also examines on-site SEO elements, which include URL, headings, meta data, etc.

Broken Link Check

Broken links have negative effect on your SEO and thus they might be the cause of low ranking of your website. This is why you have to detect any broken links on your website and fix the issue as soon as possible. Broken Link Check is a tool that helps you determine the broken links on your website, including both internal and external links.


Keyword Density Checker

Even though using keywords is recommended practice in the process of search engine optimization, you should be careful with the number of time you use a certain keyword. Use Keyword Density Checker tool to determine the percentage of keyword density on your home page or on one of the pages of your website or blog.

Similar Page Checker

Another tool that will help you with on-site optimization is Similar Page Checker, which compares the content from two URLs in order to determine the percentage of similarity. Your goal is for this percentage to be as low as possible, since duplicate content has negative effect on SEO or your website, which results in lower ranking.


Since social aspect is inseparable part of SEO, when we suggest SEO tools, we have to include a tool that will help you monitor social media. This is why we recommend Topsy, a real-time search engines for social media. The search results presented by Topsy are based on the activity on Twitter, with this tool collecting and analyzing new tweets each day, allowing you to find out what people are sharing, and what trending content and topics are. Topsy even has its own metric, called Topsy Influence, which shows how likely your post is going to become viral. This metric is calculated based on the historical statistics of your social account. Topsy offers:

Social Search – Use this option to search and analyze the web in search for links, tweets, photos, videos, influencers, or choose the option ‘Everything’ to combine all of the results.

Social Analytics – This option helps you get insights on topics of your interest. You can compare the number of tweets per day to get insights on trending topics. Search can be conducted using the domain name, Twitter username or a keyword.

Social Trends – Use this option to explore the social web in order to find the most popular content on social media. Social trends can be sorted based on links, tweets, photos, videos, influencers and search for different languages is available.


SEO SiteCheckUp

If you need a complete website analysis, here is a great tool to help you with this task. SEO SiteCheckup allows you to generate comprehensive SEO reports on your website performance, which allows you to track and monitor your website and different metrics that affect ranking of your website. There are several payment plans, with free trial available for each of them, but SEO SiteCheckup also has some free SEO tools that are perfect for analyzing certain optimization elements, such as broken links test, sitemap test, robots.txt test, etc. The main page allows to checkup your website and the analysis results feature the website score in terms of website optimization, as well as the suggestion on how to fix the problems that are reducing your score and thus having negative influence on your website rank. When you want to use other tools from the list of free tools, you will have to wait several mintues between using them, unless you sign up.



Soovle is often defined as a customizable search engine. This means that the tool provides suggestion from different services, such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, etc. in one place. The tool itself does not crawl the web, but instead in generates the results from these services. Soovle allows choosing different search engines in order to get relevant results.

The major benefit of such tool is getting keyword ideas. You simply use the search box to type the topics you are interested in. As you start to type several letters of the keyword, you will see different keywords and keyword phrases appearing next to the each source. The results are sorted based on the popularity, so the results shown at the top of each list are the ones that are the most commonly searched terms on that particular service. This will help you choose popular keywords that are related to your content, as this maximizes the opportunity of users finding your content in the search results. If you have any doubts on how to use the tool, there is a demo available on the website.



Duplicate content can be the reason for reducing the website rank, which is why you have to provide original and unique content, without copying content from other websites. Since this is important if you want to successfully index and rank your website, we suggest using one of the tools to check the originality of your content. Even if you know that your content is original, this kind of tool can help you find out who is copying your content. This is good to know in order to monitor the websites that are copying the content from your website, as this might be an issue you want to address.

Plagium offers free content check, for occasional searches. In cases you want to use Plagium regularly, you are required to sign up for an account that will allow you to purchase credits for quick or deep searches.  Becoming a member on the website also allows file uploading, and generating reports. Use the search box on the website’s main page to paste or type the text you want to check. The length of the text you provide in the search box should be less than 5.000 characters.



Here is another great tool to for analyzing the website. With easy-to-use to software and simple instructions on how to analyze the data, you will be able to quickly access the website performance, which then helps you with improving the website and your online strategy. The tool requires adding the code to HTML of your website, so that it can collect insights about the visitors, and generate the statistics about different metrics, such as engagement, conversions, sign ups, etc. Goal tracking is completely customizable, so you can adjust what to track using Optimizely, and the tool will generated the data based on your criteria.

There are two plans:

Starter Plan – This is a free plan, offering basics options for your website, such as stats engine, basic visitor segmentation, targeting options for browsers and devices, browser language, traffic source, etc. and basic analytics and heatmapping integrations. Starter Plan provides enough data for smaller websites that do not required detailed data analysis.

Enterprise Plan – The second plan is a paid solution featuring additional options besides the basics options available with the free plan. This plan provides custom data analysis, with custom visitor segmentation, custom reports, events, tags and dimensions, geotargeting options, and many other metrics, as well as advanced analytics integration. Due to the diverse and advance data analysis options, this plan is recommended for business in need of detailed website performance reports.



The list above is a short list of SEO tools recommended for small business. Despite the limited budget and expertise, you can really take advantage of these tools and see positive results soon.


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    Useful list of great SEO tools here!
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    “Pingdom” is fantastic to monitor your live site, for free.

    Thanks for sharing!

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