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BizSugar is a social sharing, bookmarking and networking website for small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. You can submit blog posts, videos, podcasts and other types of content. It is possible to vote for the content submitted by other members of the website.



BizSugar is especially convenient platform for small business owners and bloggers, who want to share their content and discover new ideas that might help them in their own business.

Voting system and comments enable users of the community to rate the content that is being published. Adding friends enables users to connect with people who share the same interest or people who might be interested in collaboration on certain projects.

The website was created in 2007 and the target group of BizSugar are small business owners and entrepreneurs.



* Do not include site names or locations in BizSugar titles.

* Do not hype company names, add lists of keywords, get too wordy, or throw extra links into the description.

* Make sure to choose a category that really fits your story, article or video.

* Do not link to the front page of the blog or your website homepage – link to the exact page where the article was originally published.

* The following types of content are not permitted and will be removed with no notice:

– MLM or Network Marketing content.
– Spam, spun, scraped, or anonymous content.
– Business opportunities for people to buy or sign up for, no matter how legitimate.
– Advertorials or overtly self-promotional articles.
– Long-form sales pages or pages where the primary goal is to get someone to enter an email address or download something.
– Content from article submission sites, such as ezine sites.
– Duplicate submissions.
– Redirects.
– Articles that exist as merely a vehicle for links or SEO.
– Forex, stock tips, real estate, job search, or personal finance content.
– Adult, gambling, drug-related, celebrity or other inappropriate content.

* The number of links you are allowed to submit per day is limited (more information in the instructions).




Go to the home page of BizSugar website and click on “Register” button.

You can either create an account using a username, an email and a password, or you can create an account by connecting with Facebook.


Adding Content

After you log in to your BizSugar account, use the button “Submit Article” to add new article.

bizsugar_instructions_002The first step is to provide the URL of the article.

bizsugar_instructions_003The second step is to provide additional information about the article:

– Title
– Category
– Short description


In the end, the article is submitted for moderation and it will be published once the moderators approve it.

Have in mind that the number of links you can submit per day is limited, based on the number of votes you have. Once you join the website you allowed to submit only one link per day. As you are active on the site and the average number of votes per links you published becomes 2, it means that you will be at Authorization level 1 and you will be allowed to submit up to 3 links per day.



Additional Resources

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  • mecbakerz

    Reply Reply November 22, 2016

    hello when i submit my link to biz sugar it can not be published why my link is not pubished?

  • Shalin

    Reply Reply June 22, 2017

    Where can I see the submitted links, if it is not still approved?

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