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Besides creating a Facebook page, which is a good way to promote content, you can also share content in Facebook groups. Facebook group is a private space for members to share updates on the topic of their interest.

You can choose the privacy setting for Facebook groups, so that you can control who can see what. There are three settings to choose from:

Secret group: Only members can find the group and see the posts.
Closed group: Anyone can find the group and see who is in it. Only members can see the posts.
Open (public) group: Anyone can see the group, its members and their posts.





The difference between Facebook pages and groups are based on the privacy, audience and communication. Facebook pages are always public, and the content shared on the page’s timeline can be visible to anyone, regardless it that user is following the page or not. It is not possible to limit the audience for the pages, while you can limit the audience for the Facebook groups, by choosing privacy setting. This way you limit both the privacy and the audience.

When it comes to communication, all of the members can post inside the group and the conversation is in the form of a chat. Members are notified when other member has posted something inside the group. With Facebook pages, managers and admins of the page post share the post which appears in the page’s timeline.



Regardless if you are thinking about joining new groups or creating your own, you have to have some guidelines in mind:

  • A user can join up to 6000 groups.
  • You can only add your friends to the group (except for schools’ Facebook groups).
  • Facebook messages and posts in the groups with fewer than 250 people are marked as “seen” after your group members have seen them. After your group reaches more than 250 members, this option will no longer be available.
  • When posting content in a group, you should post only relevant and quality content, as otherwise the content you publish might be considered spam. If you have joined a new group, posting spammy content might be the reason for administrators of the group to remove you from the group.



Create Facebook group

Login to your Facebook account and go through the menu on the left side of your timeline in order to find the option “Create Group”.

facebook_groupYou will first have to provide the name of the group, add members (optional) and you will choose the privacy of the group.


Join Facebook group

If you do not want to create your own group, you could always join an existing group. You will be able to to post the content only after you have joined the group (it is sometimes necessary for the admin to approve your request). Use “Join Group” button to join.


Share content in a group

When it comes to sharing content in a group, you will have several options. You can:

– Write a post
– Add a photo or a video
– Ask a question
– Add a file

facebook_group_002In case you want to promote content published on your blog or website, you can use option to write a post where you would share a URL with additional information.

You should always follow the guidelines and avoid spamming, in order to avoid your content being reported or deleted.


Additional Resources

If you want to learn more about Facebook groups, you should visit Facebook’s Help Center:

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