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Google+ communities are places for people to share the same interests, regarding different topics. You can join Google+ community either as yourself, using your personal Google+ profile or using your Google+ page.

Google+ communities can be private or public. With private communities, only members are able to see the posts inside the community, but there are two more options when creating a private group. You can allow anyone to search for group, or you can disable this function, so only the ones you invite will be able to see the community. When it comes to public communities, anyone can see the posts and community members. However, using the two options you can limit who can join the community. You can either allow anyone to join or you will have to approve the request for becoming a member.





When creating or joining a Google+ community, you have to have in mind the following guidelines:

  • If your community has 500 members or more, you can’t change the name.
  • You cannot change the privacy setting for the group, once it is created.
  • You can only invite 500 people at a time.
  • Please know that people may or may not receive a notification when you invite them to join your community.
  • As a moderator or owner, you can remove people from your community.
  • If you remove a member, they’ll no longer be part of the community, but they can join or ask to join again.
  • If you ban a member, they won’t be able to join unless an owner or moderator unbans them.



If you want to promote your content inside a Google+ community, you can choose to create a community on your own, or you can join existing communities that are focused on the topic of your interest. In both of these cases, you should go to your Google+ profile or page, and choose the option “Communities” from the menu on the left.

google_communitiesYou will now see the communities you have joined, the recommended communities, as well as an option to create your own Google+ community.


Create a Google+ commuinity

Use the blue button at the top of the page to create a community. You will first choose the privacy of the community:

You will then provide the name of the community, as well as the following information that can help you optimize your Google+ community and provide more information to the members:

– Tagline
– Photo of the group
– About section
– Discussion categories


Join a Google+ community

If you prefer joining a community that already has a lot of members, you can browse the communities based on the topics, you can see the recommendations or your can search for a community. Once you find the community you want to join, click on “Join community”.


Share content with the community

Use the options for posting a status update available in the community. You can choose to share text, links, videos, events and polls.



Additional Resources

If you need more information about Google+ communities, Google Help Center provides detailed instructions:

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