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GrowthHackers is a community for online marketers to share tips and techniques on how to drive effective, scalable and sustainable growth. Users are allowed to share links of the articles about online marketing, as well as to discuss on these articles. This platform is also an important source of information related to marketing, growth and optimization. Besides commenting, GrowthHackers users can also vote for the articles they find helpful.



Growth hacking is a marketing technique that refers to the series of actions and techniques involving low-cost solutions in the purpose of promoting startups. The techniques include search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing, social sharing, etc. is an online community created with the purpose to share content and discuss matters related to marketing, optimization, viral growth, etc. Users with LinkedIn account can register in order to be able to submit content in the form of links. The users interact within the community by voting and leaving comments.



* Community Guidelines:

– All submissions and questions should relate to driving growth.
– For every article that you submit that you wrote, please try to submit at least one growth article written by someone else.
– When submitting an article that you wrote, you are required to include a summary of at least 100 words.
– Do not submit more than one article per day that you wrote (or from your company’s blog).
– When submitting an article that you discovered, you are not required to include a summary, but we appreciate it when you do.
– Submit articles using the articles’ original titles.
– Try to find the original link to the article, rather than, for example, a summary of the article that links to the original.
– When submitting a question, keep the question prefixed with ‘Ask GH’.
– Don’t submit using all caps.
– Don’t add your comments or URL in the post title.
– When uploading a profile picture, please do not use any logos or other self-promotional images.
– Be respectful of others in the community. The variety of experiences is what makes the community strong and leads to rich discussions. The GrowthHackers team reserves the right to remove any submissions or comments that we deem overly derogative, inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate.

Update (as of 8th of July, 2014):

* Only profiles that include a LinkedIn address are able to submit content.




Use “Sign Up” button to create an account.

growthhackers_instructionsFill in the fields in the form in order to be able to create an account.

growthhackers_instructions_001Based on the community guidelines, you have to connect your GrowthHackers account with your LinkedIn account to be able to submit content.

To add a LinkedIn account, go to your profile page after you have created an account, and add the URL of your LinkedIn account in the corresponding field.

Adding content

If you want to add content, use “+Submit” button in the menu on the left side of the screen.

growthhackers_instructions_002After you click on this button, you will need to provide the following information:

– Title of the article
– URL of the article
– Choose a category
– Add article summary (even though adding summary is marked as optional, based on the community guidelines “when submitting an article that you wrote, you are required to include a summary of at least 100 words”.)



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