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Medium is a platform for sharing ideas and stories on a variety of different topics. Instead of sharing links, you will be sharing the entire blog articles using this service. Users click on the hearth icon at the end of each story to recommend it. It is also possible to share stories on other social networks.



Medium is a blog-publishing platform created by two Twitter co-founders in 2012. The platform is now known as a form of social journalism, a collection of blog articles on different topics, submitted by registered users.

Online editor is available to the users who register on Medium, with all of the formatting options and other functionalities including adding photos and videos. Users can vote for the articles published on Medium, as well as to leave comments.



* You’re responsible for the content you submit to Medium and assume all risks associated with it, including anyone else’s reliance on its accuracy, or claims relating to intellectual property or other legal rights. By posting, you represent that you own or have the necessary rights to post the content on Medium, and that doing so doesn’t conflict with any other licenses you’ve granted.

Aside: We get a lot of questions about whether you can post content you own on Medium if you’ve already posted it elsewhere, like on your blog. The answer is yes. If you own the content, you’re welcome to copy it from other places and publish it on Medium (and vice versa) as long as you didn’t give exclusive rights to other platforms or publishers.

* Things You Shouldn’t Do

– Threats of Violence
– Hateful Slurs
– Harm to Minors
– Spam
– Use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or create posts with the primary purpose of affiliate marketing.
– Mass Registration and Automation
– Copyright and Trademark Infringement
– Deceptive Impersonation
– Porn
– Privacy Violations
– Phishing and Other Frauds
– Promotion and Glorification of Self-Harm

* Medium is only for people 13 years old and over.




Visit the website’s home page and use the “Sign Up” button to create an account.

medium_instructionsThe only way you can create an account is to sign in with either Facebook or Twitter.

medium_instructions_001Once you connect one of these accounts and authorize Medium to access your social media account, you will fill in the following fields:

medium_instructions_002Fill in the fields, click on “Create account” and you will be sent a verification email.

Adding content

Use “New Story” button to add content to Medium. You can find the button in the upper right corner of the home page.

medium_instructions_003This option is also available from the menu on the left side on the screen. Click on letter “M” to open this menu. You can find drafts and collections in this menu as well.

medium_instructions_004When you click on “New Story”, you will see a new window, where you can add the title, the subtitle and the text of the story you wish to submit. Additionally, it is possible to upload images, to embed videos and presentations with the story.



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