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This is a community for sharing content related to marketing and SEO. MktFan offers a possibility to vote and leave comments in order to interact with other users. In addition, you can share links of your own blog articles provided you choose corresponding category available at MktFan.



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Relevance: Do you think what you share is relevant to this community?
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Search first: Make sure that nobody has uploaded that content yet before you submit.
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* The pages and information submitted must be public and immediate access and visibility without registrations, payments or additional procedures.

* The user shall not use with the aim of a) the exclusive promotion of a website, business, blog networks or affiliate links (spam); b) the ideological commercial campaigns (although the site does not contain touted direct mail) or policies promoting massive vote Newsletter object of the campaign promoted or place; c) gratuitous provocation or unreasonable hassle to other users and readers of ; d) sending false and fabricated news.

* The user will not create multiple accounts to promote websites, participate in discussions simulating the opinions of different people impersonate other people or attempt to artificially alter the vote counters and karma and create multiple users with the sole purpose of circumventing the restrictions and penalties of the general system.




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