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ScoopIt is a publishing platform where you can create your own topics and curate them by sharing content. It is like creating your own newspapers. You share your content on this platform by getting followers who keep up with the scoops you publish. In the same way, you can discover new and interesting content shared by other ScoopIt users. 



ScoopIt, a curation service, was first launched in 2011 and attracted almost 20 million users within two years. The main functionality of this platform is to allow users to curate content from the internet in the form of Scoops (articles). The scoops are gathered within curated topics, which usually refer to a certain field of interest.

Enabling users to create topics and organize their own virtual newspapers is a great opportunity for everyone to present their work in this format. It is also a good opportunity to establish connection with the users and increase authority, as an experts in a certain area while making a collection of articles on a topic you are familiar with.



* You agree not to:

– Create a false identity or impersonate any person.
– Create any posts, username, topic name, or subject lines containing profanity, sexually graphic or offensive language, including any uses of characters such as @#$% to replace letters.
– Send, post, transmit or otherwise make available any advertisements, solicitations, chain letters, pyramid schemes, junk mail, SPAM, investment opportunities or other unsolicited or unauthorized commercial or promotional content, materials, SPAM or communication.

* You must be at least 13 years of age to use the website or the services.




There are two ways to register on Scoop.It, using your social network accounts or using an email address.

– Sign up using Facebook or Twitter account.
– Sign up with an email address (Fill in the registration form: name, password, email, image-optional).


Adding content

Scoop.It allows you to create topics which you can curate by adding content. At this point, you can only create two topics with a free account. To create a new topic, use the option you will see on the homepage of your Scoop.It account.


It is possible to edit the details about the topic later on, as well as to delete the topic.

Once you have created the topic, you can curate content and add articles to this topic. There are two ways to add content. You can create a new scoop, using the green button at the top of the page “New Scoop”.


The second option is to use “Scoop.It” button next to the content you want to publish. You will see Scoop.It suggestions related to your interests, and you can use this option to share the content with your followers.


After you click on “Scoop.It” button, you will be able to choose the topic to which you want this content to be added.


When you share content in this way, you have additional options:

– Add description
– Share on social networks
– Scheduling (paid accounts only)
– Add tags


In order to track the progress of your content, go to your ScoopIt account and find the “Reactions” below each scoop you have shared. You will see who shared your scoop, as well as, where it has been shared (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, a certain ScoopIt topic, etc).


It is possible to edit the preview of your scoop, using the options available the in the grey bar. Choose the image you want to feature in your post, as well as the size of the image and the alignment options.



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