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StumbleUpon is an online platform that enables users to discover new and interesting content based on their interests. In addition, users can easily share their own content by adding pages.



StumbleUpon is a discovery engine founded in 2002. The purpose of the platform is to collect web pages stored by the users and then show recommendations to the users who are trying to discover new content by stumbling.

The years of development of this application resulted in a “Stumble DNA”, filtering option which uses the process of combining human opinions with machine learning in order to create suggestions based on different criteria. The platform gathers the information about users’ interests and likes in order to present meaningful and helpful content suggestions.

Users discover new content by Stumbling. Thumbs up and down are used to rate the content a user discovers. Users can also create lists that are saved as a part of StumbleUpon profile.



  • You must meet the following criteria before adding a page to StumbleUpon:
    • Your account must be over 24 hours old.
    • You must set a Profile picture.
    • You must have a minimum amount of Stumbles.
  • If you have a personal, non-commercial web page that you’d like to share with others, you are permitted to add it to StumbleUpon. There are limits in place regarding how many times you can add a page from a single domain – if you approach or reach that limit, you may be identified as spammer.
  • If you have a commercial web page that promotes a specific product or service, you may only use StumbleUpon to drive traffic if you are using our Paid Discovery service. Please be advised that if your account is associated with unauthorized promotional activity, it may be suspended or terminated.




Visit the website and choose between these two:

  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Sign in with an email

stumbleupon_instructionsOnce you provide the data, you will be asked to choose 5 topics you’re interested in, after which you get access to the StumbleUpon account.

Adding content

To add a page, click on the arrow in the upper right corner and choose “Add a Page” from the drop-down menu.

stumbleupon_instructions_003You will be redirected to a new window, where you will have to provide the following:

  • Web page address (the URL of the page you want to submit)
  • Mark whether the page is safe for work
  • Choose the topic of the page
  • Add tags (optional)
  • Write a comment (optional)
  • Choose the language of the page

stumbleupon_instructions_002Once you have provided all of the information, click on “Add This Page” button and the page will be added to your StumbleUpon account.

If you want to see all of the pages you have liked so far, as well as your comments and lists, use the option “Your Likes” from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

stumbleupon_instructions_004You will access your stumbler profile where you can see everything related to your account. You can also add a new page from here. Simply use the “Add a Page” button, and the process of adding content is the same as before.



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