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Tumblr is a microblogging platform that encourages social interaction between the users who are able to upload multimedia content to their own micro blogs. Blogs can be public or private, and users can access them through a dashboard once they create an account.



Tumblr, a platform that combines microblogging elements with social networking has been launched in 2007 as a free platform for uploading content in the form of short blog articles.

The company has introduced paid features in 2012. Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo! in 2013. The website’s dashboard is the main feature of the platform from which users can comment, like, reblog and eventually upload their own content. Additional functionalities include scheduling posts, adding tags and editing blog’s theme through HTML coding.

Users can also manage their blog using Tumblr app. Tumblr now hosts over 198 million blogs with over 83 billion posts.



* As a condition to using certain of the Services, you may be required to create an account (an “Account”) and select a password and Tumblr username, which will serve as a default link to your default Tumblr blog of the form [username] (a “Tumblr URL”). You must select a different Tumblr URL for each new blog you create.

You agree to provide Tumblr with accurate, complete, and updated registration information, particularly your email address.

* What Tumblr is not for:

  • Malicious Speech.
  • Harm to Minors.
  • Promotion or Glorification of Self-Harm.
  • Gore, Mutilation, Bestiality, or Necrophilia.
  • Unflagged NSFW Blogs.
  • Uploading Sexually Explicit Video.
  • Non-Genuine Social Gesture Schemes.
  • Deceptive or Fraudulent Links
  • Misattribution or Non-Attribution
  • Username/URL Abuse or Squatting
  • Spam
  • Mass Registration or Automation
  • Unauthorized Contests, Sweepstakes, or Giveaways
  • Themes Distributed by Third Parties
  • Copyright or Trademark Infringement
  • Confusion or Impersonation
  • Harassment
  • Privacy Violations
  • Disruptions, Exploits, or Resource Abuse
  • Unlawful Uses or Content




Go to and create an account by providing:

– Email address (The email address has to be verified)
– Password
– Username (The username is the URL of your blog. If the username is already taken you will see some suggestions, as you will have to choose a different username.)


The next step is to add the title and a short description of your blog. Here you can customize the blog by adding the avatar, choosing the background image, etc. You can also skip this for now, and get back to customization later on.


Customization is necessary in order to create an attractive blog that will be a nice presentation of your content. Naturally, people are more likely to share and link to your content in that way.

The following step in the process of creating an account on Tumblr is to follow at least three blogs. You can either follow one of the suggestions or you can use the search bar to type the topic you are interested in, after which you will see a list of suggestions.


The final step is to choose the device you are using and you will receive an email with the app for that device. You can skip this step at this point.


Adding Content

Now that your account has been created, you are ready to explore functionalities available on Tumblr:

– Add content (text posts, photos, videos, links, etc.)


– Follow other blogs


– Like posts published on other blogs

– Reblog

– share a blog article with your followers



Additional Resources

Tumblr Community Guidelines:

Tumblr Contest, Sweepstakes, and Giveaway Guidelines:

Tumblr Terms of Use:



  • maha

    Reply Reply June 29, 2015

    I have a doubt , I created tumblr last week I posted some content in that nearly more than 100 , after that I was check in google search engine but i didn’t find in google search engine. I want to know how to index my tumblr in google, Can you please help me to know the process.
    How much time it will take for indexing in google after creating tumblr .

  • maha

    Reply Reply June 29, 2015

    per day how many maximum posts we can do in tumblr?

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