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Viral Content Buzz is an online platform for sharing content which helps you improve organic social sharing. After you register, you get 10 credits which will help you promote your own content. You collect more credits by sharing someone’s content, on various different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc. The more credits you collect by sharing, the more you will have to invest into promotion of your content.



Viral Content Buzz is a social sharing platform that allows users to share content using their integrated social network account.

After the registration, users are allowed to create projects, meaning to submit their content in order to be shared by other users. In order to encourage users’ sharing, it is essential for credits to be assigned to each project. In this way, users practically invest credits, which are then distributed to those who share content on different social network.

In order to invest credits, users will have to earn them first by sharing other users’ content.



You own all of the content and information you post on Viral Content Buzz. By sharing the links on our Viral Content Buzz, you agree that other members can share it in public using their social media accounts.

Quality guidelines
What will be highly appreciated here:
– Unique and original articles that catch an eye and engage;
– Trending and popular topics with your personal perspective (apps, tools, DIY, infographics, etc.)
– Articles or content that is either extremely useful, interesting or entertaining.

What will NOT be approved to be shared here
– Weak-in-content articles (that have no unique style or visual appeal);
– Ad-stuffed and / or made-for-links articles.
– Articles directly promoting affiliate products (such as affiliate product review posts)
– Any sales page directly promoting a product or service
– Content that is overly promotional in nature
– Press releases
– A home page of a business website or blog
– Articles with irrelevant exact match in content links leading to a sales page
– Articles that are stuffed with the same keywords over and over for SEO purposes
– Anything that the VCB staff in their discretion deems to not be “quality”
– Anything asking users to download something
– Most “run of the mill” contests will not be accepted
– Gambling or adult content




Complete the form on the homepage of the Viral Content Buzz in order to start the registration process. After you provide all of the information click on “Register”.

viralcontentbuzz_instructionsThe next step is to add a password.

viralcontentbuzz_instructions_001Now that you have successfully created your account, here are some settings to consider.

Viral Content Buzz is a platform that enables social sharing, but you need credits to invest into sharing. You collect credits by sharing someone else’s content, through your social network accounts. In order to do so, you have to connect social network accounts to your Viral Content Buzz account.

Use the button “Enable” to connect the social network account you want.


Adding content

– Sharing content

Go to your dashboard if you want to find out the latest news and explore some new articles from the category you are interested in.

You can easily share content, using the corresponding button below each article.

viralcontentbuzz_instructions_003Click on the button of the social network where you want to share. For example, if you want to share on Twitter, click on this button and you will be redirected to the following screen. The green number in this blue button marks the number of credits you will earn by sharing a particular article. As you can see, you will get 1 credit for sharing on Twitter. It is possible to schedule tweet.

viralcontentbuzz_instructions_004If you choose to share on StumbleUpon, use the corresponding button. Choose the relevant category and language, provide comment (optional). After you click on “Submit”, the article will be shared on your StumbleUpon account, and you will receive 4 credits.

viralcontentbuzz_instructions_005– Adding content

If you want to submit your own URL, you should choose option “Add Project”. The following information is required:

– Title
– Description
– Group of interest


– Project budget (the number of credits you are willing to allocate to a certain project)
– Choose the networks where you wish people to be able to share the URL you submit
– Choose whether your Twitter username will be included when the URL is shared on Twitter
– Confirm that you have read the quality guidelines


Things to have in mind:

* The URL you submit is under moderation until moderator approves it.

* How Do Credits Work?

– Your follower counts determine how many credits you earn as you share content within the VCB dashboard.

– As you earn credits by sharing, you build up a “bank”

– When you submit your own project to VCB, you’ll need to allocate some or all of your credits to this project (you call it “budget” although I think “pool” is more reflective of what it is)

VCB members share your content, which earns them content from the pool you’ve allocated to your project. Remember that their follower count allows them to earn higher amounts of credits as they share, but this is okay; you’re willing to give up 5 credits for a tweet from someone with 100,000 followers, while a share from someone with 500 followers only costs you 1 credit.

– If your content goes so viral that you run out of credits in the pool for that project, the project is paused until you allocate more using credits you’ve earned yourself from sharing other members’ posts.


Additional Resources

Viral Content Buzz Terms of Use:

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