Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a free online tool that helps you monitor your website in order to detect any errors with the website or the server. In case the Uptime Robot detects a loading error, you will immediately be sent an alert via SMS or email.

This kind of tool can help you make sure that your website is stable. Having an unreliable website can lead to losing potential customers and clients. Therefore, Uptime Robot is a tool that will inform you if errors in connectivity occur, which will help you fix the potential problem with your website.



Uptime refers to the time a computer is working. This is usually used when measuring system reliability and stability. Servers that host a website should be well maintained and regularly updated in order to support the website and provide maximum uptime. Since downtime might signify possible problems with the servers or hosting provider, and it can also have a negative effect on search engine optimization, it is important to ensure that the website is up and running most of the time. In addition, maximum uptime ensures a user-friendly website.



* You have to sign up, using a valid email address, in order to get access to Uptime Robot dashboard.

* By using the Website, you are entirely responsible for:
– providing valid user data (e-mail, name, etc.);
– not using the Website for any illegal or abusive activity;
– securing any e-mail, password or API keys of your account;
– only having a single account;



1. How it works?

Here is how Uptime Robot monitors the work of a website.

“It asks for your websites headers and gets status codes like “200-ok”, “404-not found”, etc. every 5 minutes (or more depending on the monitor’s settings),

If the status code doesn’t indicate a problem, we are good

If the status code is~400+ and 500+, then the site is not loading

In order to make sure the site is down, Uptime Robot makes several more checks in the next 30 seconds,

If the site is still down, it sends an alert.”

2. Setup

Uptime Robot is a free tool for monitoring the uptime of your website. All you have to do in order to start using this tool is to sign up using an email address.

uptimerobot_001After you verify the email address, you can use the data to log in and get access to the Uptime Robot Dashboard.

On the right part of the dashboard you can see the data for the websites you are monitoring.

uptimerobot_002On your left, there is a button “+Add New Monitor” which enables you to add a new website to monitor. Click on this button and fill in the necessary information.

uptimerobot_003When it comes to choosing monitoring type, you can choose between these:

– Http(s): perfect for website monitoring.

– Ping: for monitoring a server.

– Keyword: checks if a keyword exists or not exists in a web page.

– Port: good for monitoring services like smtp, dns, pop as all these services run from a specific port.


3. Benefits

– Monitor the website and detect any loading errors

– The possibility to choose short intervals (5 minutes) in order to maximize the efficiency of monitoring.

– Free notifications via email or SMS.

– Reducing the number of errors will enhance your website’s performance and provide a user-friendly website.


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