What Shopify Theme is That

What Shopify Theme is That

Shopify Is undoubtedly a universe to discover for those who want to have an online store and do not want to complicate their life too much. A great advantage of using Shopify is that its use can be simple and intuitive even for those who are not experts in the area.

One of the strategies that many new users turn to in order to find their way and polish their ecommerce project based on Shopify as much as possible, is to review the websites of other online stores. Analyzing how other entrepreneurs have managed to present great examples of online stores is a very good starting point to discover what elements of design and usability they possess and that would be a good addition to our own ecommerce site.

When we go through other sites that use the Shopify online store platform, chances are that we will often ask ourselves what Shopify theme is that?. Well, that is because we may want to use it as a base or analyze the elements that the theme has more closely to see if they are the best addition to our project.

In order to answer that question, what Shopify theme is that?, there are several ways to analyze the template of an e-commerce site that uses as a Shopify platform.

1. What Shopify theme is that? – Inspect element

Once we have found a site that has a Shopify theme that we love and we believe it would be an excellent framework for the presentation of our products, finding out what theme it is can be quite simple.

First step

Right-click on the background of the web design once we are in the store that we want to analyze. Choose the option “Inspect”.

What Shopify Theme is That

This will open the tab with the code elements of the page on the right from our main tab.

Second step

In the section that has been opened with the source code of the online store, we will use the valuable tool Ctrl + F option to search for a word displayed in the code. In this case, we will write “theme”. Immediately the word will be underlined in yellow every time when it is mentioned in the source code of the page.

What Shopify Theme is That

Third step

Next, to the word theme, we will look for the word “name” in quotation marks followed by the colon (:). The quoted word that follows is the name of the theme used. In the example that we see below, we see that the name of the theme is “everything-fashion-r50”.

What Shopify Theme is That

2. What Shopify theme is that? – Using a Plugin

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that has been developed in such a way that there are many programmers (within the platform and independently) creating plugins and apps that are very useful to maximize the points in favor when starting out with Shopify ecommerce. Within these options, there is Shopify Inspector. This useful tool allows you to discover details of any online store that uses Shopify, and not only the subject but also other details such as:

  1. What products are sold in the store
  2. The theme or template you use
  3. The profits it generates
  4. The best-selling products
  5. The apps and plugins you use

Shopify Inspector app

These elements serve not only to analyze which Shopify template is the one that at first attracted us and motivated us to make the search, but to carry out an authentic investigation of how a shop behaves, perhaps of our own competition or of a trading model that we would like to emulate.

There is a free version of this plugin that lets you know what Shopify theme is that, apps, fonts and best-selling products of a shop that uses Shopify.

Furthermore, there is also a paid version that allows you to have a much deeper view of one or several ecommerce stores that use Shopify as their ecommerce platform.

3. What Shopify theme is that? – A Simple Online APP

Without the need to download apps or plugins, we can go to the What Theme website, where we simply enter the address of the store that we are viewing and as a result, we will get the name (and maybe some more details) of the theme used for that Shopify online store.

What Shopify Theme is That APP

Once we have obtained the name of the template, we can go directly to the Shopify and see if the characteristics of that theme are actually what we need and what best suits us when it comes to the optimization of our own online store.

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